Out Of Elements

by Splinters

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A Cosmeceutical™ Netlabel free digital audio release

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October 2008
This is a digital reissue of a Woodson Lateral Records CD-R release from 2001 [WLR005].

Originally released under the name 'Recidivist,'
it was the first album of Ben's solo electronic project, later to be known as Splinters.

'Recidivist' was also being used by another Seattle-based electronic solo artist, Choncey Langford. When the two met, and realized they shared more than a band name in common, the name was soon appropriated to an all-improvised post-rock trio comprised of Ben, Choncey, and Victor Couto.


released March 1, 2001

Cosmeceutical™ Netlabel
Release: cosm001

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Splinters is Ben Torrence
Bass guitar, programming, digital manipulations, mixing, & mastering

Black & white cover illustration by Choncey Langford, additional design by Ben

All songs composed by Ben Torrence during the year 2000, or months nearby.

In the 7+ years since I completed this album, my musical tastes and working methods on the computer have evolved considerably. There are plenty of things about this album that I would do differently today:
tweaks to the arangements, embellishments I would add, lots of mixing work, a proper mastering job...
However, I think it's held up reasonably well, so I've decided to reissue this in it's original form as a historical snapshot of my music making at the time of its completion.

I have to give credit to Choncey Langford, Matt Barnhart and Dave Segal, all of whom convinced me that this was worth getting back out there,
into new ears and hopefully some distant data streams.

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening,

Oct. 2008

Original Liner Notes:
Special thanks:

Mike Brannan, Robbie Hunt, and Jon Dresdner,
for help with noise making/recording for source material ...and Jon again for being my personal computer sensei

Dedicated to my Bandmates:
Victor Couto,
Choncey Langford,
Olivia Mendez,
Robbie Hunt

Contact: splinters@woodsonlateral.com



all rights reserved


Splinters Seattle, Washington

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